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Friday, October 12, 2012

I'm Still here!

          I realize it has been ages since I have updated on here!!  I'm still here!  Over the past few years my business has grown to crazy busy status!  I have to give many MANY thanks to all my wonderful customers here in the USA and all over the world!  Thank you for your business!!!
          To every business there are ups and downs. I have had many ups, and more recently, a down.  In the process of doing a browser check on my product I came across a copy cat!!  It broke my heart!  I contacted the shop owner that was selling my scarf design and she informed me that she got it off a Russian website!! She actually thought it wasn't a copyright violation, because it was an open source.  Yeah, all the scarves on the website were MINE!  I contacted the Russian website and they have since removed the post, Bless you Olga!  With that done, I wait for a response to the kind letter I wrote the shop carrying copies.  I kindly let her know how much this scarf means to me, the time and effort I put into it trying to be original and unique. I've had many come to ask me for a pattern, and I had to kindly reject.  I'm not ready to give it up. That said (short story) I truly hope she can find it within her to remove the two offending scarves.
          We were all blessed with some sort of talent, that's what makes us unique.  Please don't copy, you never know who it will hurt.  I have now experienced that kind of hurt and violated feelings.  Research is key.
         On a happy note, Thanks again to all my loyal wonderful customers!!!  I would not be where I am with out you all.  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!  You are the best!!

        Oh yeah!!  Beware of counter fit products!!  The ruffle bow scarf is a Repent Industries Original!