High Fashion with a vintage twist.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Picture takin!

So I decided to try my hand and photography also, we will see how that goes!  I love any form of art, its exciting to me.  I have posted quite a few photographs to my etsy site.  Some I have altered, others I have left alone. 

Monday, September 13, 2010

Scarves! Scarves! Scarves!

Recently I have posted all my hard work on Etsy (I have a link to my website on this page)! Now is the season for scarves! I really really love anything vintage, especially 1700's era. With that in mind, I designed these scarves! I wanted something totally wearable and extremely elegant. Classy! If your not too into all the colors and patterns, I also have solids and I'm more than happy to do a custom order in the fabric of your liking.

A great big thanks goes out to my beautiful Models!! Thank you Dayna and Birdie!! Stunning job ladies!

Don't confuse me with.....

Don't confuse me with the nikkisic myspace page. We are not the same person! I just discovered this the other day when looking for my products on Google. Apparently someone else goes by Nikkisic... who knew!!! If you want to find my company page on facebook, look under Repent Industries by Nikkisic... I will try to add a link shortly. I don't have a myspace page yet.